Ubisoft – Starlink: Battle For Atlas Shaders

I worked on multiple shaders during production that all ended up being used in various points within the game

Transition Shader

The objective was to make a shader that lets buildings appear without the high cost of  animation. The shader went through various different iterations ending up being used a lot within the game to show and replace buildings, flags and was the basis of the fire shader for the endgame.

Rust and deposit shader

This shader has been used allot within the ancient sectors of the game. It is a combination of a RGB noise-map for the Rust and the Colour samples of the planets position to add  a deposit to better blend in the model on the different surfaces like snow, grass, dust etc



Hyper space net

This shader takes a bunch of positional inputs and the size and deforms the uv to give a believable black hole and net stretching effect


Destroyed planet

I started oud making the high res planet in Houdini, baking it out in substance designer, added the inside rings and different height, normal maps and used those in a shader that added different detail maps.